Sexual Identity – LGBT?


Are you a young person who is struggling with your identify or questioning your sexuality?  If you think you may be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) it might really get you down. You might feel very frightened, you may feel very alone because you don’t really know what it means and you’re terrified of what other people might think should you ask some questions.

You are not alone in what’s going on in your head. Many LGBT people feel anxious before they come to terms with who they are. This is not because being LGBT is bad, but because LGBT people may be seen as the butt of jokes or talked about in a negative way at school, outside, in social groups, or even at home. But remember even many ‘straight’ people get joked about or talked about negatively for all sorts of reasons. It doesn’t make any of it right. Most of the time though people get carried anyway and don’t actually mean to be cruel.  It really helps if you can talk to someone and get some support from someone that understands.

Below are links to organisations and guidance specifically for young people – whether you know you are LGBT, think you are or just don’t know!