Redbridge local safeguarding children board

News:       22 September 2017

BBC Learning – Mental Health Videos for Children 8 – 13 Years

BBC Learning have released a series of free videos  – ‘When I worry about things’ – to help teachers introduce the topic of mental health to children aged 8 – 13 years.  The five short animated films, developed using guidance from clinical psychologists,  look at ways to help children deal with OCD, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders and bullying.  The films are accompanied by guidance on each ‘story’ and teacher’s resources for use in the classroom.

Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes

There is a link between animals being abused and children being abused.  When animals are abused, people are at risk; when people are abused animals are at risk.  Every 30 seconds the RSPCA’s helpline receives a call.  Nearly 150,000 animal cruelty complaints were investigated in 2016.  Virtual College and The Links Group have developed a free on-line eLearning course on Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes.  This course will be of interest to anyone concerned about animal welfare or safeguarding children and will help recognition of those at risk of physical and mental abuse.  To access the course, please register or login if you already have an account with Virtual College.  There is also a resource pack to accompany the course that is free to download.

eSafety and Cyberbullying – Report Sharing of Explicit Images

Sadly, the number of incidents where sexually explicit images of children and young people have been shared on the Internet are growing.  In some instances, images have been shared between friends with the expectation that they will remain private and this trust has been abused.  Sometimes images are acquired and used without any prior knowledge by those who exploit children and young people.  Either way,  Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) is there to provide help and guidance to parents, carers, children and young people.  A report should be made on-line so that action can be taken to get inappropriate images taken off-line and support can be provided in relation to any related bullying.  The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) also have a service where you can report on-line criminal content which they can then work with internet companies to get removed.  The LSCB website has information and guidance for children and young people, parents/carers, and professionals on its e-safety pages.