Redbridge local safeguarding children board

News:      13 November 2018

Research Documentary

Jessica Eaton, researcher, author and founder of the charity Victim Focus, has been commissioned by an award winning production company to conduct private research to inform a TV documentary.  The research aims to bring about an understanding of the number of women and girls in the UK who have conceived and gone on to have babies as a result of a rape.  From preliminary studies that Jessica has carried out, the prevalence of this is much higher than might have been anticipated (36% of those questioned said that they knew a woman who had a baby from a rape).  A number of women also said that they would be interested in being involved in making a documentary, provided they could maintain complete anonymity for both themselves and their children.  As a result of this, the planned programme will use the latest techniques and cutting edge editing to ensure that no one who takes part in the film will be identifiable and no one will know they have taken part.  A storytelling technique will allow women to tell their stories and give their viewpoint without revealing who they or their children are.  Jessica has asked the LSCB to share an invitation locally with any groups that might be working with victims of rape who have subsequently had a child who may wish to be involved.  Initial contact will be a phone/Skype/email conversation with Jessica which will not commit the woman to anything further if they don’t what to go on and take part.  Jessica has made a short film accessible via social media which provides more information.  This work will also produce free resources for professionals, released with the film and signposted from it, as it is anticipated that agencies working with women may experience a rise in disclosures, calls or requests for support.  If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a rape resulting in having a baby and wants to find out more, e-mail  For those that would prefer to just complete an on-line survey sharing their experiences, thoughts and views can do so via here.

Unicef Child Friendly Borough – Invitation to Engagement Workshop – Get involved!

Here in Redbridge, we are committed to achieving UNICEF ‘child-friendly’ accreditation.  But firstly, the Steering Group moving this work forward really feel that it is important to define what that means for Redbridge – what do children, young people and their families view as important?  If you work for an organisation that delivers services to children and young people in Redbridge and would like to be involved in the planning of this project, you are invited to attend an  engagement taking place on Tuesday 13 November, from 10:00 to 12:00, at Albert Road Children’s Centre, 53 Albert Road, ILFORD.  The purpose of the event is to understand how we currently engage with children and where the gaps are (i.e. children that are seldom heard or have input into how our services are delivered to them) and to start planning how we can engage with children most effectively to understand their priorities, once the project launches next spring.  To find out more and reserve your place, please contact the Project Lead, Ferzanah Ahmed on 020 8708 2161 or via

Making a Child Protection Referral

It was good to share with Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) in Redbridge schools yesterday about making a child protection referral into Children’s Social Care and the importance of this being timely and the Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF) being completed as fully as possible.  Below is a reminder for the letter that the LSCB Independent Chair, John Goldup, sent out to Head Teachers back in June 2018 on this topic.

Redbridge Schools Consultation on Mental Health Services. 

The LSCB is currently completing a Multi-Agency Audit under the theme: Services’ Response to Mental Ill Health.  Following the Government Response to the Consultation on Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision Green Paper and Next Steps Report and the recent CAMHS transformation to the Emotional Wellbeing Mental Health Service (EWMHS), we would like to gain an understanding of how schools in Redbridge are responding to young people with mental ill health.  We would like all schools in Redbridge to complete this questionnaire by 26th November 2018. It should take you around 5-10 minutes to complete. Click here to start the questionnaire.  The responses will contribute to the report presented to the Learning and Improvement subgroup and the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Redbridge LSCB Annual Report 2017 – 2018

The Annual Report 2017 – 2018 is now available to download via the link below:

The Redbridge Safeguarding Adults Board (RSAB) report for the same period is also available to download:

Both reports have been presented to the Health & Wellbeing Board and will be presented to Cabinet later this month.


We are now using eCDOP – the electronic management system for reporting, presenting, collating and analysing child deaths in Redbridge.   The information on the CDOP page of the website has been updated to reflect the new procedure for notifying a child death in Redbridge and for receiving information requests from the CDOP Co-ordinator.  The introduction of the new system will make the process more streamlined and support greater analysis and learning.  In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact the CDOP Co-ordinator, Jeanette Ford, via 020 8708 3455 or or the CDOP Administrator, Tina Ramdial, via 020 8708 5961 or

LSCB Newsletter Autumn Edition 2018

The Autumn Edition of our Newsletter is now available for viewing via the link below.  As usual, the Newsletter reflects on the recent Board meeting, progress against our Action Plan and information about recent events and future training.

This edition also includes an overview of the new Families Intervention Team (FIT) in the Borough’s Children’s Services and a welcome to our new National Graduate Programme trainee, Paree Bhanu (pictured right).  Please do have a read, share with your colleagues and pass us your feedback to  Ideas for future editions are very welcome.